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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Long Exposure (Catalogue)

Photographs by T S Satyan
Essay by Sugata Srinivasaraju
56 pages, 46 b&w illustrations
2008. TASVEER.

"Satyan's pictures are tranquil and leisurely. They carry a pining asceticism; reflect an uncluttered aesthetic enlightenment; they are pensive and reflective but never sad. And they are hauntingly embedded with the stillness of time. Satyan is engaged in a consuming search for human dignity in even the poorest of poor he shoots. Even when he photographed celebrities, his lens scouted their simplicity and their human essence. The questions that his many ordinary characters may throw at you about the paradoxes of life can never be captured in an intelligent caption-phrase. Those questions land softly on your mind, get caught in its gentle whirlpool and slowly make their way to your heart to stay there for a while. In this little journey and the resting lies the triumph of Satyan the photographer."

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